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Emeriti House was established foremost to promote academic and cultural activities for emeriti and to facilitate social interaction. Emeriti House engages in collaborative programming across campus in an effort to keep emeriti informed about trends, activities, and people at IU. We host several distinguished visitors through the Patten Lectureships, and the Branigin Lectureships of the Institute for Advanced Study.

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  • Stryker, Richard E. (2014-09)
  • Parrish, Austen; Auger, Julie; Maultsby, Portia; Orejuela, Fernando; Stone, Ruth; McDonald, Robert; Botne, Robert; Wagschal, Steven; Humes, Larry E.; Danns, Dionne; Hart, Mary Ann; Huberty, Thomas; Cook, Della Collins; Parks, Douglas R.; Royce, Anya Peterson; Brun, Yves; Marsh, Dana; Kostelecký, Alan; Wahlen, Jim; Kingma, Jackie; Bellini, Scott; Cummings, Jack; Mowatt, Rasul A.; Wyant, Nicholas; Lambdin, Diana V.; Clendenning, Lynda; Kollbaum, Elli; Szmyt, Elzbieta; Gantz, Walter; Simpson, Marietta; Reilly, Dianne J.; Goss, David A.; Hetrick, Bill; Jones, Scott; Eckes, Suzanne; Isaac, Jeffrey C.; Hanson, Russell; Calloway-Thomas, Carolyn; Grim, Valerie; Grønbjerg, Kirsten; Docherty, Carrie L.; Mank, David; Heitger-Ewing, Christy; Lenthe, Carl; Banks, Karen; Reed, Daniel B.; Delph, Lynda; Busemeyer, Jerome; Gilman, Lynn; Stockton, Rex; Powell, Brian; Sengelaub, Dale (Emeriti House, 2017)




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