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    Estimating the Local Ecomonic Impact of Applying the HEC Degree Template to IUSB's Academic Program
    (Indiana University South Bend, 1999)
    Provides an estimate of the negative economic impact that would be associated with applying Indiana's Higher Education Commission degree template to Indiana University South Bend's existing academic program
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    South Bend MSA Employment Growth, 1988-1995: A Comparative Analysis
    (Indiana University South Bend, 2000-12) Kochanowski, Paul; Joray, Paul; Bartholomew, Wayne
    A study that updates employment growth studies done for the City of South Bend during the 1970s and 1980s. Each of those studies makes use of the shift-share decomposition approach. This study investigates employment growth of the South Bend MSA over the period 1988-1995 and makes comparisons to the United States, the State of Indiana, and thirteen comparison economies. The approach used decomposes South Bend's employment growth rates into three components: 1) a share effect; 2) a mix effect; and 3) a competitive effect.
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    Local Economic Impact of Indiana University South Bend
    (Indiana University South Bend, 1998-12) Peck, John; Joray, Paul; Kochanowski, Paul; Office of the Chancellor
    A report commisioned by the Chancellor to deterimine the extent of IU South Bend's impact on the surrounding local and regional area. It highlights the University's economic development of the community, and three important ways that a non-residential university makes its economic impact felt upon the local community: its impact upon the area's labor force; the university's role as a major local employer; and the economic development impact.