2013 Winter Currents Magazine

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Indiana University South Bend
Winter 2013 issue of Currents Magazine, a publication of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at IU South Bend. Contents include an essay by CLAS Dean Elizabeth E. Dunn about the power of rivers; article about the Purple Porch Co-op, a local food store founded by three IUSB alumni; article about the international travels of IUSB history graduate Christie Pierce; interview with IUSB alums and entrepreneurs Kellirae Boann and Noel Spring; poems by Lee-Scott Green, Terry Allison, and David Dodd Lee; article by Jennifer A. Pace about the stigma of renting vs. home ownership; interview with Professor Betty Mooney about her sex education course; alumna spotlight on teacher Amanda Jones and her volunteer work in Uganda; article about IUSB education alumnus Felix Marquez, who fled the Salvadoran Civil War to come to the United States; essay by Daniele Louis about the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) during the Cold War and the use of abstract expressionism as propaganda; essay by Lesley Walker about changes in artistic representations of motherhood through the centuries; story about the origins and publication of Gabrielle Robinson's book "The Reluctant Nazi", about her discovery of her grandfather's Nazi party membership; article by Patrick J. Furlong about Richard Elbel and his efforts to develop and beautify the area along the St. Joseph River in South Bend during the Great Depression; article by Lisa Featheringill Zwicker about the advances of female progressivism during the early 20th century, with a focus on the expansion of women learning to swim; spotlight on anthropology professor Jay VanderVeen and his underwater explorations in the Dominican Republic; article about the art of literary translation, with excerpt of Heather Jones' translation of Ananda Devi's "La vie de Josephin le fou"; article by Neovi M. Karakatsanis about the shortage of portable water on the Greek island of Chios; article about eco-physiologist Peter Bushnell and his work to protect the Greenland shark; essay by Mary Anna C. Violi about childhood memories visits to her family' summerhouse on Eagle Lake; article by novelist Kelcey Parker about Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house and how it inspired her creative work; essay reflecting on the qualities and importance of water; article about photographer Kay Westhues and her "Well Stories" project documenting wells in Indiana; article about Underwriters Laboratories drinking water analysis lab in South Bend; series of water-themed artworks; "A ride with Tobias" essay by April Lidinsky; list of contributors; list of upcoming public events sponsored by the CLAS; and notice of Eileen and Harvey Bender family's donation of fourteen Harold Zisla paintings to the CLAS.
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