2023-04-21 Academic Senate Minutes

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Indiana University South Bend


Contains minutes of Senate meeting including the passing of a motion by the Academic Affairs Committee to move the automatic withdrawal deadline to week 10-12 of the fall and spring semesters; endorsement of the UFC statement on academic freedom and faculty governance; action to send to ballot 1) motion to allow up to two staff representative to serve on various Senate committee, 2) reduce committee member numbers to 5-7 on various Senate committees, 3) combine the Admission and Advising Committee with the Student Affairs Committee, 4) combine the Budget Committee with the Vendor Review Board, 5) combine the Faculty Welfare Committee with the Personnel Committee, 6) add a member from the Social Work Department to the General Education Committee; report on the 2030 Strategic Plan by the Campus Directions Committee; a budget and facilities update; a question and answer session with the Chancellor, and a University Faculty Council Update.