2012 Summer Currents Magazine

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Indiana University South Bend
Inaugural issue of Currents Magazine, a publication of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at IU South Bend. Contents include an essay by Elizabeth E. Dunn, Dean of the CLAS; article about physics researchers and 2011 IUSB Distinguished Research Award recipients Monika Lynker and Rolf Schimmrigk and their work on string theory; spotlight on recent IUSB graduate Kayleigh Cassella, recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate fellowship for her research in physics; article about the Freedom Summer tour of the American South offered by the Civil Rights Heritage Center under the leadership of Les Lamon and Monica Tetzlaff; excerpt from 2010 Undergraduate Research Award-winning essay by Sara J. Lowe about the story of Alabama Governor George Wallace's "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" on June 11, 1963, in an effort to prevent school integration, and the writing of President John F. Kennedy's resulting speech on civil rights delivered the same day; transcript of speech delivered by Gail McGuire at the 2011 Honor's Night celebration about the practical benefits of a liberal education; short article by English major Hannah Stowe about her experience at IUSB; article about Michiana Monologues, a grassroots writing project founded by April Lidinsky that uses performance art to raise money for local organizations that seek to end violence against women; essay by Joseph Chaney about his childhood experiences playing sports in neighborhood fields; poems by Nancy Botkin, Clayton Michaels, and Susan Carol Hauser; essay by Tom Vander Ven about a childhood visit to the carnival; article about author Kelcey Parker's new book of stories, "For Sale by Owner"; story by Jenna Gensic about her experiences in a neonatal intensive care unit during her newborn son Mikan's struggle with edema; essay by Eileen Bender about the consequences of signing petitions; essay by Linda Wingrove about her mother Chieko's stories of her family's experiences in Japan during World War II; article about Eldon F. Lundquist award winner Elizabeth Bennion, political scientist and director of the American Democracy Project (ADP) at IUSB; interview with alumna and politician Cheryl Little; article by Scott Sernau about his experience traveling the globe during the Semester at Sea program; interview with Distinguished Alumnus Award winner Amanda Serenevy about her work as a math teacher; interview with Rob Ducoffe, Dean of the School of Business and Economics, who traveled to China to sign student exchange agreements with Tianjin Polytechnic University; short articles about the biology and mathematics of leaves; list of contributors; and a list of upcoming public events sponsored by the CLAS.
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